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Whetstone Diamond Sharpening Kit

The whetstone kit is a 40010006001200 diamond whetstone sharpening stone double sided knife grit kit. This knife sharpening set includes a 40010006001200 diamond whetstone sharpening stone, a knife, and grit kit. The set will help provide your knife with the perfect surface sharpening and hertzberg acids.

Top 10 Whetstone Diamond Sharpening Kit Reviews

This is a coin/diamond whetstone sharpening kit. It includes a 3 stone knife sharpener kit, which will help to fine-tune your diamond shows you have seen. The kit also includes dmt (depleted molybdenum tear down) coarse and fine sandpaper.
this is a 4-in-1 diamond sharpening kit that includes a dmta4ee whetstone and a alinement sharpener. The whetstone is perfect foraligned with any dmta4ee whetstones. The alinement sharpener helps to remove all the roughness and impurity from the diamond, making it look and feel more sharp.
the w4k 4-inch diamond whetstone deluxe kit of 4 models is the perfect way to sharpen your diamonds. With different colors whetstones for every purpose, this tool will help you sharpen them up perfect for any occasion.